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External products sold which can use ath9k

This page documents products in the retail market sold which have Atheros chipsets which can be used with ath9k.

Legend used to describe cards

  • HB: PCIe Half MiniCard

  • XB: PCIe Full MiniCard

  • MB: Mini PCI card
  • CB: PCI Cardbus card
  • SB: Single band, 1x2, 2x2 configuration
  • DB: Dual band, 2x3, 2x2 configuration



  • DWA-642 RangeBooster N Notebook Adapter — 32 bit Cardbus

  • DWA-645 RangeBooster N650 Notebook Adapter — 32 bit Cardbus (discontinued)

  • DWA-542 RangeBooster N Desktop Adapter — PCI

  • DWA-547 RangeBooster N650 Desktop Adapter

  • DWA-652 Xtreme N Notebook Adapter — 32 bit Cardbus

  • DWA-552 Xtreme N Desktop Adapter — PCI

  • DWA-643 Xtreme N ExpressCard Notebook Adapter — ExpressCard/34

  • DWA-556 Xtreme N PCIe Desktop Adapter — x1 PCI Express (PCIe)



  • WPC300Nv2 — 32 bit Cardbus

  • WMP300Nv2 — PCI

  • WPC100N — Cardbus

  • WMP110N


AR9223 - AR9281

  • RouterBOARD R2N (miniPCI singleband)

AR9220 - AR9280

  • RouterBOARD R52N (miniPCI dualband)


AR5416+AR5133/CB72, 2x3 DB

  • WL300NC

AR9223/CB91 2x2 SB

  • WL300NC-G


AR5416 + AR5008

  • TL-WN811N (Cardbus)
  • TL-WN951N (PCI)


  • TL-WN861N Ver2.0 (miniPCI singleband)


  • TL-WN781ND (x1 PCI Express, singleband)



  • SR71C - Cardbus (dual band)
  • SR71-E - mini-pci express (dual band)


AR5416+AR5133/CB72, 2x3 DB

  • DNBA-81: DB 2x3 CB

AR9160-BC1B+AR9106/MB82, 3x3 DB

  • DNMA-H5: Industrial-Grade,High-Power DB 3x3 MB

AR9160+AR9106/MB82, 3x3 DB

  • DNMA-83: DB 3x3 MB

AR9220/MB92, 2x2 DB

  • DNMA-H92: High-Power DB 2x2 MB

AR9220/MB92, 2x2 DB

  • DNMA-92: DB 2x2 MB

AR9223/MB91, 2x2 DB

  • DNMA-91: DB 2x2 MB

AR9280/HB92, 2x2 DB

  • DNXA-92: DB 2x2 HB

AR9285/HB95, 1x1 SB

  • DNXA-95: SB 1x1 HB

AR9287/HB97, 2x2 SB

  • DNXA-97: SB 2x2 HB

AR9382/HB116, 2x2 DB

  • DNXA-116: DB 2x2 HB