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Driver for Ralink/MediaTek PCI devices RT2760, RT2790, RT2860, RT2880, RT2890 & RT3052.

available devices

Please see the device list.

Unsupported chips

The Ralink driver for RT5592 can be downloaded from: (direct link: )


  • TODO


  • Monitor Mode
  • Station Mode
  • AP Mode
  • TX aggregation
  • HW crypto
  • Multi BSS in AP mode
  • HT40

not working yet

  • Automatic MAC address assignment for more than one AP interface

not supported

  • TODO


  • Warning "invalid TX_STA_FIFO content" gets issued sometimes, maybe only in conjunction with tx aggregation? Needs investigation.

device firmware

  • rt2860.bin

  • SoC devices (RT3050, RT3051 and RT3052) don't need firmware


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